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Our Guarantee

As long as you are an active customer we will stand by our work. We will gladly come back for free if you are continuing to have problems with covered pests. The return trip must be at least 7 days since your last service and less than 7 days before your upcoming paid service.

Billing Issues

By design, everything we have done with Balanced Home makes things clear and simple. You are not charged until your service is complete. All our technicians are GPS tracked and we are serious about our quality control. If you feel we have not completed your service the best we can, you can always request a free retreat or cancel at anytime. We do not reimburse or reverse charges that have already been processed. We are also unable to change payment methods once a charge has been completed. If you need to update the payment method be sure you do so in your account.

Why don't you have a phone number?

Who uses the phone anymore? Online support helps us keep detailed records about your issue in one place. We don't lose details in translation between customer service or technicians. Additionally, pest control often involves detailed instructions. These can be difficult to explain over the phone service suffers.

We understand that some people prefer phone support. Sometimes you just want to talk to a real person. Rest assured, we are actual human beings who love answering your questions and helping you control your pests.

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