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Products we use

We don’t use harsh chemicals to control your pests. We only use natural food-grade products to control pests. Our products are much more safe than standard pesticides and offer great and healthy results. You don’t need to wonder what we are applying or fret about the health concerns of synthetic pesticides. Our technicians only use natural products, like essential oils, and nothing else. We don’t just tack on “Green” products or bait and switch our services. We use exclusively natural products and nothing else.

These are the main materials we use
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Clove Oil
  • Citrus Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Thyme Oils
  • Natural Pyrethrins
These are the specific brands of products we use

Click on the name for the material label

Toys and Play Equipment

First, our products are natural food-grade essential oils. You don’t need to worry about product contamination or what’s applied around your home. Regardless, we don’t treat children's toys (this is just unnecessary). We may treat in and around play equipment such as jungle gyms or play houses if they are having issues. Our technicians also remove spider webs and pest harborages from play equipment. Our goal is that we leave your play equipment safer than when we found it.

Background Checks and Insurances

Our technicians are trained, background checked and licensed. We carry all liability, workers compensation industry licenses and bonds. This protects you, your home and our company and employees.