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What We Do

We offer the monthly control of covered pests using effective and organic methods. Our licensed and experienced technicians bring years of expertise to every service. Our approach to pest control considers the whole environment in determining the best methods for managing pests. The first steps in an effective service is a thorough observation and inspection. Our technicians assess the conditions and service area to identify key areas of concern and susceptibility. Our expert technicians accurately identify the insects and any damage to the property. Our team creates a custom program that best suits your property, offering the safest, most reliable and most effective integrated pest management solutions offered.

At the moment we only offer residential pest control for primary residence. We do not provide pest control for property managers, landlords or any other third party. You must own the home you are requesting pest control for.

A Pest Control Service Usually Includes

Inspection. We identify the pests and potential infestations to ensure we are providing a custom, tailored service. This is a thorough inspection of your property, usually achieved removing spider webs.

Preparation. We prepare your property for service by clearing debris from cracks and crevices where pests tend to hide. He usually uses an efficient, quietly, solar-charged leaf blower to clear debris. Sometimes you will simply see the technicians sweep or use other hand tools. The technician will determine the extent necessary clear debris.

Immediate control. We apply essential oils to key areas on the exterior of property to control current issues. The products smell pleasant and are effective to solving your problem.

Next, your technician will apply products for continued control. We apply high-residual, longer-lasting products in potential problem areas to prevent future infestations and create a control barrier, until your next service.

Lastly, our technicians take steps to create documentation. We remember and address issues from service to service with annotated service records in order to tailor the specific program for your home. Your technician takes notes and multimedia after every service and we email these to you when the service is complete.

Exactly what a technician does at your property can depend on your property type insect issues, or other variables like pets and weather.

Pests We Control

Ants, cockroaches, fleas, spiders, crickets, earwigs, ticks, fleas, cadelles, beetles, mites, rice weevils, meal-worms and more.

Does Not Include:

Bees, wasps, yellowjackets, flies and mosquitoes. Specialty pests such as bed bugs, termites, or other WDO’s, any mammals or rodents.

Why aren't all pests guaranteed?

For flies and mosquitoes

There is no residual control treatment for flying insects. They land so quickly, and randomly there is no ability for them to come into direct contact with the essential oils. There are many steps that can be taken to help to reduce populations on your property and our technicians are happy to educate property owners about these preventative and control measures.

For Bees wasps and yellow-jackets

Bees are great for our environment, they are pollinators. We want to protect bees, so we avoid killing pollinators. Currently, we are developing sustainable bee removal, and re-location services as demand rises.

For Termites and WDO's

Wood destroying organisms (WDO’s) fall under different licensing than general pests. These pests need to be approached with different methods than general pests. Through our years of experience in treating termites, we have found that there is not an effective green termite treatment. We are working to find one, and we hope to offer this in the future. Specifically for termites and other WDO’s, there must be a complete elimination of these pests. There is no such thing as termite control, they will continue to do damage, even if the numbers are small. We can recommend a traditional termite company if you like.

For Bed Bugs

We do not offer treatments for bed bugs. These insects are not under our guarantee. Bed bugs are a source-based insect which means that homeowners bring them in from another location. You can not control them from the outside of your home. Bed bugs can enter your home through numerous channels. Here is a link for more information about bed bugs, and a great company that can help you until we offer natural treatments for them.

For Mammals

We do not offer treatments for rodents, squirrels, moles or birds. In addition, our general pest guarantee does not include these pests. These pests need specific treatments and specialized inspections. We do partner with a great local pest control company that offers green options for the control of these pests. They have an entire department dedicated to these critters and guarantee all the work they do.

What if I have pests inside?

It depends on the pests you are seeing. For most indoor pests issues we can just treat at your regular time of service without interruption to your life. Sometimes you may need to leave the treated area for up to 2 hours. In addition, you may need to clean the treatment area so that we can be sure we get to the root of the problem.

You schedule an inside service by selecting your service time, we do this at the same time. If you want the inside treated add the request to your service notes for your scheduled service. Please note where you are seeing the problem and what the pests look like.

How do I know you are coming?
  • First, you can always pick and update your service time. You can do this simply by logging into your account.
  • Second, We send an email 3 days in advance of your scheduled service with a confirmation of your service time and a photo of your technician.
  • Lastly, we send you a text message the day before to be extra sure you know we are coming by.
Locked Gates

Make sure your property is ready for your service. Update your account notes if there are any specific access instructions. This information is never shared, and we take discretionary measures to keep your property safe. Our systems use industry standard SSL encryption and user passwords. All of our technicians complete background checks. We do all we can to protect your data and privacy.

Partial Services

We send notification via email and sms before your service. As well, you are selecting your service date and time. If you fail to have your property ready and we are unable to complete a full service, we charge a $25 partial service fee. This can vary depending on your subscription, location and account history.

Water Usage

Because of our proprietary 5 step process our water usage is minimal. We do use water from your home from your hose if needed. This usage is minimal and far below standard service usage. Our service conserves more than 5 times the water of standard spraying. We try to be conscious of water usage, especially in drought prone areas.

Will I always have the same technician?

For the vast majority of the time you will receive service from the same technician. A photo and the name of your technician is also in your email and found in your account information. Sometimes we do have last minute changes or technicians can get sick. Our technicians all have the same training, licensing, uniforms and all have identification.

Pest Control and your Lawn, Plants and Garden

Will pest control service service hurt my lawn or plants? - Not at all. We don’t use any harsh chemicals. You don’t have to fear that any of our products will contaminate your lawns or gardens. In fact, our products are rated to be able to be applied to an organic garden. Our products are awarded an FDA organic certification.


Many of our natural products are formulated to be applied during inclimate weather. As such, you don’t need to be concerned about rain or wind affecting your service dates.

Pest Control and Your Pool

Does having a pool affect my pest control? There are no special considerations when you have a pool. The products we use will not affect your pool water or ph. The products that are in your pool are far more of a health risk than what we are applying.

What if my property is way larger than average?

We focus on preventing pests in and around your home and other common areas in your yard. If you have oversized sprawling lawns and property, your entire property may not be treated. If you have specific areas you would like to be addressed, simply enter these into your service notes.