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Products we use

We don’t use harsh chemicals to control your pests. We only use natural food-grade products to control pests. Our products are much more safe than standard pesticides and offer great and healthy results. You don’t need to wonder what we are applying or fret about the health concerns of synthetic pesticides. Our technicians only use natural products, like essential oils, and nothing else. We don’t just tack on “Green” products or bait and switch our services. We use exclusively natural products and nothing else.

These are the main materials we use
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Clove Oil
  • Citrus Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Thyme Oils
  • Natural Pyrethrins
These are the specific brands of products we use

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Pest Control and Pets

What special considerations are there with having pets for my pest control? We have pets too. Your entire family’s well being is a top priority for us; two legged and four legged. Because the products we use are fully natural food-grade materials and we follow all application standards of the label you can be confident in the well being of your pet.

Can my pet be outside during service?

Absolutely. Since our products are natural essential oils, the labeling allows use around pets. The only question is whether your pet is friendly toward our technician. Our technicians are great with pets and they visit a lot of people’s homes. Your service notes (that you can update in your account) are a good place to specify pet info. Here, you can provide your pet’s name or any other information that will make your pet more comfortable.

What if my pet is aggressive toward the technician?

Our technicians will do what they can. They are great with pets and they visit a lot of people’s homes. Some pets can be pretty aggressive. Your technician will note as such in your service notes and we will charge a $25 partial service fee if we are not able to complete service. Your service notification email will specify any issues like this. In cases where pets are consistently aggressive, we may ask that you be home at time of service in the future.